JWD: House on the Hill (2012)

Yeah, this is badassery!! With that said; here comes alot of sick shit to take in, u ready??

Many b-freaks are all over sexploitation, women-in-prison movies, Naziploitation, rape & revenge…and other sleaze. And then there is that sorry crowd who just ‘aint a big fan of movies about harm against women’, HA!! This is a true amatureish horror gem about the real life serial killers; Leonard Lake and Charles Ng who killed a whole lot of people at a privat house with a secret buncker, builed by the bastards them self-where they tortured and killed of; prostitutes, travelers, random people, familes-including children and it’s also believed that they, no, im not goining there.. In writing moment; it’s now friday night, well, it’s Saturday morning and i’v just finished of my beers and, well; i enjoyed this little thrash-movie a little to much for my own good. Im all about harm against women…ON SCREEN ONLY!! And we leave it at that. But now we are getting to the shocking part. The movie starts out with alot of sadomasocistic sexual violence against attractive women and i (not suprisingly) got kinda horny and i loved all the wicked movie horror that was going on-my jeans suddenly got a little tight…if you know what i mean. So, i went to the bathroom, did my thing (only thinking about average sex…honest) and i felt a little more relaxed and was then beginning to take in a more healthy impression on what was going on. I felt empathy and even great sadness about what was going on here, cos’ this is true gruesomeness that could happen to me or you or some one that we love. The acting is pretty decent, the soundtrack is at least effective and, uh,..it’s just a really good amautre movie-a really low budget horror flick that plays heavily on emotions like; carnal lust, empathy, disgust and despair. Some of the heaviest scenes even brought tears to my eyes-so this is pretty vicioues and strong shit. We get to see alot of authentic footage of serial killer Leonard Lake, filmed by the sick fuck himself in 1983 (they documented their crimes on tape, but not shown in this movie)-though this movie shows no hints of the 80’s what so ever and many devices that has come later are used alot in this movie, so we are left kinda confused about what time period we are likely to be in. But who cares, this is brutal and graphic well done junk-movie making. How far will you go when it comes to your own movie-entertainment. I guess a suitable term for this sick shit might be (Cinematic) ‘Hardcore-Torture porn’ and it’s quite similar to some of the works of Eric Stanze. I feel pretty sick now and i left out a lot of shit i’v read about the real life Leonard Lake and Charles Ng.