JWD: Frightmare (1974)

And me who thought old school British horror was dull. Boy, have I bloody learned…

Man, what a piece of eerie horror-shit to throw down beers to; ended up loving the bloody bastard! It’s almost briliant, but a little short on running time. But when I think of it, I rearely have time to sit down and watch very long movies, like ‘Once Upon Time In The West’-then i gotta’ start early on in the evening and I gotta’ have beer for the whole ride, then I always end up really wasted and always got some shit to do the moring after…it seems like.

But who fucking cares, do you care?? Of course not…so let’s chat about the bloody movie. And I’m not saying that just to sound more English, it really is a bloody movie.

The married couple; Edmund and Dorothy Yates, are sentenced in 1957 for murder and cannibalism and spends 18 years at a mental institution. Well, to be precise; it’s misses Yates who lives with the cannibalistic urges-Edmund just covers up for his wife that he loves dearly. It’s now 1974 and the couple is released from the institution (I was cured, allright) and they are placed in this huge, utterly creepy mansion made of stone out on the gloomy countryside, to live isloated and in peace from society. At first glance; Ed and Dorothy might seem like an avarage ageing couple and their (hot) oldest daughter visit her parents often, in secret from her close friends. She also tries to act like a parent towards her wild and out of control (immature and annoying) sister-The Yates’ other and youngest daugher,-who ‘apparently’ do not know for sure who her true parents really are, but who also apparently has inherited the insanity from both of them-especially from her deranged mother. Speaking of misses Yates; she’s so disturbing in character-i get the shivers right now just thinking about her and the name Rosemary West popped into my head immediately she appeared on screen, though back then, the real crimes of serial killers; Rosemary and Fred West was not yet known to the world. This is grim dark-toned and frightening horror-entertainment and it’s graphic, violent and bloody as well. The location of the place and the actuall house they are living in are just truly bloodchilling and nightmarish. And the effective soundtrack as well…creepy as hell, fantastic. Good written characters and pretty good acting also. The cheese is present though, cant escape the dated cheese, but it’s more in the background, way back. And More Peter Walker-horror my way please!