JWD: Female Vampire (1973)

Just the kinda beer-flick i needed on a evening like this; slow paced, entertaining and dreamy! How about you!?

One of the many b-movies by legendary spanich director; Jess Franco, starring his viciouesly and devilish hot wife; Lina Romey, which if legends are true, was used in many of his movies as a replacement for the late Jess Franco-diva; Soledad Mirianda (also viciouesly hot), who died in a tradic car-crash in 1970, she was 27. Young Romay looked quite alot like her precursor through out the 70’s and they also had that same irresistable sensuality. Lina Romay unfortenatly died of cancer in 2012, she was 57 years old. In ‘Female Vampire’ Lina Romay is countess Irina Karlstein, the last vampire of her kind and she gets to her victims through her sexuality and kills them off while receiving them orgasm…orally and yours truley would love to be one of the ‘lucky’ ones to go out that way. Franco uses Romay like his toy as always and little is left to the imagination. We get to see all we deisire of this intense sexual gothic woman in her early twenties-it’s a highly erotic movie and she has shamless sex with both sexes and lets two and three different flouids run down her chin. I love the bathtube scene, where Romay is bathing in blood, but her breast looks swollen and the lightning is red; Heavy menstrual and fertil undertones…pretty far out. The horror tone is also worth mentioning; gothic, dreamy and surreal with a dash of blood. Also the camera-work, the soundtrack and the locations (France, Belgium and Portugal) makes ‘Female Vampire’ one of the better Jess Franco viewing-experiences. The acting part travles between Ok to pretty lame and Romays erotic motions in bed often looks a little improvised and out of idees, but that we can live with that i guess. I liked the characters and… shit;lets have a toast, who’s drinking!?