JWD: Don’t Go in the House (1979)


Donny is an unstable fruit-cake who lives with his mother in a this big old creepy house, at daytime he works at a metal-foundry. His fruitcakeness he has gotten’ from his mother who is a mentaly sick, mean old bitch who has mentaly abused and punished Danny with fire since he was kid. Well, actually; poor Danny (Dan Grimaldi) is psychotic and suffers from schizophrenia; hearing voices in his head-and what happens when his mother (that he is nursing) finaly dies in her sleep; is he finaly free or will her rotting corpse still be haunting him? Sounds like Norman Bates right? Guess they’re distant cousins or somthing…and i guess he is the lost twin-brother of ‘Harry’; the fruitcake in ‘Christmas Evil’ (1980)-they kinda remind me of each other. Donny was born an outsider and he really is losing it and you really feel for him when youre’ watching the movie. So does one of his co-workers (‘Ben’, or somthing)-who takes upon himself the mission to be his only friend and constantly calls his house, i mean his mother’s house, and invites him out for beers and picking up laides, even though Ben (or somthing) is married and has children. But Donny have plans of his own and builds him self a fireproof room-coverd with light metalplates.

This is my second viewing of ‘Dont Go In The House’ and i was as impressed now as the first time and throwing down beer after beer while taking in the errie soundtrack and atmopsphere, American late 70’s nostalgia and i love love Love the big old creepy house. Dan Grimaldi (from The Sopranos) delivers really well as Donny, and it’s his debut movie where he playes as main-character. Some chunks of cheese here and there of course, which are verry much coused by his ‘buddy’, Ben, who just is a little to much, but still a kinda likable gye.

Oh, and if you’re hot 70’s chick and dont wanna be burned alive; Dont fucking go in the fucking house!