JWD: Cat in the Brain (1990)

Say Cheeeeeeeeese!!

Awkwardness, and plot-confusion, and it’s a gore-fest and please; you just didnt’ use Grieg’s ‘Hall Of The Mountion King’ as a part of the soundtrack…on flute. The rest of the soundtrack is pure badassery though and old-school gore-awesomeness, and a verry simple-though it’s works story, and badass editing and overall old-school Italian horror awsomeness-that almost took my fucking retarded breath away!

Say Fulci! Say a movie with Fulci about Fulci. Say over the top satisfying gore; Fulci style. Say lost between; this is pure badassness or this is just thrash. Say annoying, supposed to be sensual humming. Say yes i have a good enough job-just to much expenditure and can only afford crap, but beer i actually enjoy drinking. Say two thumbs up and Fulci fucking LIVES!