Review: Spasmo (1974)

There is so many weird reactions and interactions between characters in the Giallo genre. It must be all of the product placed whiskey they’re drinking.


Director: Umberto Lenzi
Stars: Robert Hoffmann, Suzy Kendall, Ivan Rassimov
Distributor: 88 Films
Runtime: 94 mins

“I just killed a man I’ve never seen before.”


Christian (Hoffmann) hooks up with a girl (Kendall), after she first played dead and in front of his persumably current girlfriend. They heads of to her motel-room for some hanky-panky, and with lines like (him): “You’re a sweet, sweet whore!” and (her): “I’ll do it if you shave your beard”, this date really sets the romantic mood… But, while shaving, Christian gets attacked by a hitman and kills him. They flee the scene together and gets installed in her friends appartment, where a young girl and an older man suddenly lives. And the corpse of the hitman starts wandering around, and there’s some murdered mannequin-dolls and a mysterious guy on a yacht, an evil brother and some genetic lunacy, and…well, let’s just say it’s a complicated plot.


Even though the plot is chaotic, and the interactions is plain weird, it delivers. The round-up twist and the good direction overshadows the movie’s weaker parts. It’s surreal, and the weirdness suited the film. I was entertained and had a really good time, but I needed to see it all the way through to understand and appreciate it. Go go, Umberto Lenzi!