Review: Burial Ground (1981)

Have you ever watched nipple-eating zombies with Oedipus-complex? If not, You’ve probably not seen “Burial Ground”.

blu“BURIAL GROUND” (Le notti del terrore)

Director: Andrea Bianchi
Stars: Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli
Distributor: 88 Films
Runtime: 85 mins

“Whatever it is, it’s not human. It’s a walking corpse!”


A professor searching for…something, suddenly opens the gate to the undead. He assemble a group of horny friends and colleagues to stay at his mansion, but gets killed by these flesh-eating zombies from beyond. Can his friends manage to escape this ancient attack before turning into zombies themselves?


Relying heavily on Fulci’s success with “Zombie Flesheaters”, Bianchi is cheezing and sleazing it up as a madman. The dusty maggot-ridden zombies is as scary as puppies, and the characters are a bunch of fucked-up morons. BUT there is one really scary thing about this movie, something that makes it worth watching, something that makes this as notorious as it is; Michael played by Pietro Barzocchini aka Peter Bark. He’s travelling with his mother and her horny lover, but he’s hot for his mother himself, trying to fundle her whenever and suck on her tits. And he’s so fucking creepy! He looks like half a man, half a boy, and the actor was 25 when he played him. Big eyes, weird hairdo, skinny midget with a dubbed voice that sounds like a man trying to sound like a kid. C-R-E-E-P-Y!!! But the movie is worth watching because of him alone.