JWD: The Dentist 2 (1998)

The psychotic serial killer-dentist, what’s his name, is on the loose.

He’s fleeing from the law and his past to start over and once again becoming the highly successful, well payed dentist he ones was and laying his ‘dark-half’ to rest. He has found his smal-town, a beatiful woman he feel like getting togheter with (smoking hot, to be honest) and an out of date dental-office that he needs to upgrade. He just need to get rid of the town’s-dentist who; ‘has no passion for his work’. But how long will he keep his psychokiller-half on a safe distance and more importantly; how long will he go unrecognized…and what might trigger him to kill (and tourture) again? One hint; he’s a one womans-man and he has an extremly ill jealousy issue, and with good reason, which reminds me; his ex-wife is extreamly, EXTREAMLY hot!!

A good sequal and Corbin Bernsen does an excellent job as Dr. Feinston (‘i remembered’) and i feel for him as he falls in love all over again and trying to put his past behind him. Good gore, atmospheric horror-music and hot blonds (his ex and his new romance as well). Loved the climax and i laughed greedy at the ending.