JWD: Fright Night (1985)

First time i saw ‘Fright Night’ was back in 1995-ish, I was about 12. (Drunk)-saw it for the second time tonight!

A wet (80’s-dark horror comedy cheese) dream, or should I say nightmare!? What would you do if your neighbors were vampires and started to drag coffins into the basement in the middle of the night and later dragging bodybags out into the yard to bury them? I know what i whould have done; put on some Vhs-glitch, pop open some beers and enjoy the scenery. But our main character; Bruce Campbell-look alike, ‘Charely Brewster’, chooses to contact his favorite vampire slayer-actor; ‘Peter Vincent’ to get rid of the problem. Vincent is promised a bunch of money and agrees to help, even though he don’t believe the mad-ish young ‘Brewster’. But eventualy the youth and the older man is bounding to some degree and it kinda reminded of the relationship between Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown in ‘Back To The Future’. Hold on will you, gotta pee!

Ok, there, thank you!! This classic is a verry good beer-ride, indeed and it gives off alot of ‘Evil Dead’ Vibes. What more can i say, yo!? Oh yeah, the high school couple; ‘Charley Brewster’ looks a hell lot more like a collage dude, then his girlfriend, ‘Amy’, who is a virgin and look’s like she’s about 40. I reconiced her form ‘Married With Children’; wasnt’ her character’s name Marcy..?? Well, i still love this 80’s-wet dream- because of all the atmosphere/nostalgia it has to offer, it’s comical, extremely cheesy, it has a memorable soundtrack which helps increace the atmosphere and last but not least the awesome ahead of it’s time make-up and spessial effects. But i gotta go finnish of my last beer and wash off my Misfits-makeup. I shouldnt even be up a at 02.15 am, drinking beer and listening to dope music. Shit! How could i forget…’Evil Ed’, Brewsters best buddy,-my favorite charater in the movie. He’s like your ultimate stereotypical 80’s-buddy, annoying but lovable. Hell, i love all the charaters in this movie-except ‘Amy’, she’s just always nagging. But that’s her role; she is supposed to be annoying nagging and cheesy-it’s a dark horror-comedy and she does her part very well. Now; skål god damn it!!