JWD: Dinner With a Vampire (1988)

What can i sum up from this Lamberto Bava cheese-fest?? Well, It’s an Italian cryptic and gothic horror-comedy, sounds great dosen’t it? Well, it’s not. I’m sad to say that it’s more or less a huge cheese-reeker.

Four hopefull young people (a singer, an actor, a dancer and some other dude) wins an audition to act in a movie. Which is weird, cos’ non of them can really sing, act or dance. They get their’ asses transported to this castle-like mansion to meet up with the director who keeps delaying in his presence. Meanwhile they are surved by his servant; a creepy annoying hunchback with a staff and a cloack. And when the director (George Hilton) finaly shows up (dressed as Cristopher Lee as Dracula), strange things are starting to happen. I have enjoyed several of Lamberto Bava movies, but this is not one of them. It’s in the same style and atmosphere as his ‘Graveyard Disturbance’ (1987) ; stupid plot, simple story, awkward dubbing, even more awkward dialogue and truly annoying characters that will make you wanna go skullfuck yourself. It’s a huge pile of reeking cheese. But what’s good about it?? If there is somthing good to mention, it’s the thick cryptic atmosphere and locations-which kinda made it worth while, really dug the locations. The soundtrack is minimalistic and atmospheric (expept for the tragic/comic theme-song) and all the camera-work and editing are nicley done as well. Closing off i wanna say that i dug ‘Graveyard Disturbance a whole lot more! Now, let’s grab another cold one.