JWD: Demonic Toys 2 (2010)

I just gotta be frank, man; i was very disappointed!

A group of antique-collectors gather at this Italian castle to take a look at some ancient toys and strange horrific things is starting to happen.

The first ‘Demonic Toys’ movie from 1992 was so cool and i can imagine old fans being quite disappointed as well, hoping for a sequal through all these years. The Toys looks cool (though i missed the monstrous teddy-bear), the castle looks cool to and the soundtrack is great. The characters…well. The ‘main girl’; a nice young woman (maybe twenty years old) and an archaeologist, is a fucking hottie and her client of some sort; a little old gay man, with a thick southern accent is humorous. But the rest… guite uninteresting really and a pretty much uninteresting plot. Im sorry, but i was really bored. Nothing personal. Fuck, i feel like a dick now.