Review: The Fifth Cord (1971)

It’s saturday. Franco Nero on the player, and a cold beer in my hand. It’s B-movie time in my B-movie cave once again.

dvd“THE FIFTH CORD” (Giornata nera per l’ariete)

Director: Luigi Bazzoni
Stars: Franco Nero, Silvia Monti, Rosella Falk
Distributor: Blue Underground
Runtime: 93 mins

“I’m going to commit murder. I’m going to kill another human being.”


The self-loathing and alcoholic reporter, Andrea get mixed up in lots of murders in his own “backyard” of friends and acquaintances. He’s suddenly the prime-suspect, and is taken of the case he’s reporting. A killer leaves gloves on his victims, were he cuts of one finger for each victim on the gloves. The killer is closing in on Andrea, his ex-wife and son. Now it’s getting personal…


A well directed suspense thriller. It’s even scary at some points. The camera work is amazing, and the Morricone soundtrack adds to the tension. And let me salute Franco Nero with a great performance. A stylish Giallo that easily could have been another boring piece if not for the director, cameraman and Nero in the lead. Not much gore, but it’s full of suspenseful scenes. I guessed the murderer pretty early on, but still a good movie with a mediocre story.