JWD: Without Warning (1980)

‘Without Warning’ is an overlooked sci-fi/horror movie that inspired ‘The Predator’, but who also gave me some ‘Critters’-vibes.

Four cheesy friends hits the road to got out to the countryside for relaxation or somthing and end’s up at this huge beautiful lake, surounded by this weird half-dead town, of the really smal kind. People are starting to disappare and strange huge flying carnivorous ‘bugs’ are seen flying through the air and eating on people as well. Most of the towns people dont know this, exept the local towns-weirdo; ‘Sarge’-who are trying to convince the folks at the local road-bar that the town is invaded by aliens and that this town is only the begining of what will be the end of the world. Well…he’s sort of right, sort of, but he’s also quite schizofrenic from his good ol’ military days. It has this intense, almost sentimental early 80’s-nostalgia about it, awsome locations and breath-taking nature-shots, dreamlike (or should i say; nightmare-ish) atmosphere, plenty of gross gore and nasty slurpish sound effects-cheesy and at times-annoying acting, criminally smal shorts and hot braided pigtails.

Actors who apare in this flick are; Jack Palance, Martin Laundau, Cameron Mitchell, David Caruso (smal shorts-alert) and some more dudes. The main gye; ‘Greg’ is played by Christopher S. Nelson, who bothered me the most with his cheesy acting. But hey, Smal problem. A verry watchable gem, especially if you enjoy old sci-fi/horrors.

And the girls are hot. A little to much «goodie-goodie-daddy’s girls», but hot.