JWD: Troma’s War (1988)

Though what it was all about, i cant really remember though…was slurping my beers.

A plane from Tromaville-airlines, filled with many different out-of-this-world steriotypes, chrashes on this (supposed to be) tropical island. Unable to get their’ asses away from the island and even learning that the places is littered with terrorists, allsorts of terrorists blended togheter, the passengers must learn to fight and use firearms…luckily there are a few war-veterans in the crowd who survived the crash with a few combat-skills up their sleave).

I think this is a TROMA-classic for those who are familiar with TROMA and has at least seen the classics shuch as ‘The Toxic Avanger’ and ‘Class Of Nuke Em’ High’ and maybe even ‘Sagt Kabukiman’ and ‘Tromeo And Juliet’. Yeah yeah…smartasses, i know; ‘Sagt Kabukiman and’ Tromeo And Juliet’ was made after ‘TROMA’s War’, but i think it will help you to enjoy it to it’s full potential If you’ve seen some of those ‘classics’ i mentioned abow. It’s stil a typical TROMA movie of course, with purposely over-the-top acting and painfully awkard steriotypes that possibly couldnt’ be anymore exaggerated. Like the Rock-group with the bi-erotic undertones (and the male flight-atendent with the homo-erotic undertones for that matter) and the funny preacherman who just wont’ stop sining, even while he is gurgling on his own blood while his toung is being cut out. The music is simple synt/rock music with those goodi-goodi 80’s/TROMA vibes. The bodycount-entertainment and bloodshed is high and it’s an overall fun wild and vacky TROMA-ride. But beneath all the «stupidity» are heavy political undertones and illuminati-ish conspirasy thoughts.