JWD: The Shape of Things to Come (1979)


It really annoyes me; that im adicted to facebook. I mean, even when im watching b-movies and having beers-i stuggle to pay attention over a long period of time, every time i gotta take a piss i must check my facebook which takes about ten minuets of my time and suddenly the movie’s twice as long as i expected it to be and it’s hours past midnight. Got really wasted last night while diving into this cheese-fest of a sci-fi movie and beer just kept on running down my throat like some wild stream in it’s normal habitat. But suddenly i started answering messages on facebook, which mean i have to stop the movie, which also means longer running time. Gotta just stop that-while im watching a movie…NO FUCKING FACEBOOK! I even started to put on some music and finaly i desided to see the rest of the movie the next evening. I had about thirty minuets left and now i’v just finnished it…slightly more sober…well alot more sober, i was shit-faced last night, but im not completely sober either, enjoying some cold ones right now.

But anyways; tonite’s movie…uh, and yesterday’s movie:

It’s about after the great war on earth with the machines and the remaining humans has fleed and colonised the moon, giving thire’ new city the name; New-Washington. But New-Washington is running out of some nessesary antidote (Raddic-Q2) against radiation to stay alive and a team of three people and a primitive looking robot with a high intelect, including a father and a son and a beauty who always has her hair done in the nicest way-in every desperat and life-treatning situation must fly to the earth-ish planet; Delta-3 who is ruled singelhanded by the terrible Omus(Jack Palance in a ridiculous purple cloack) and his evil sodamachine-like robots.

Well, there you have it i guess. I’ve heard mean opinions about this flicky-o, but i really enjoyed myself with it. It has alot of cool scenery, nice soundtrack (though nothing to jump in the ceiling for), and it’s nicely edited as well. The acting…well, seen worse, but eh.. The coustumes; dated as fuck and kinda embarrasing. It’s also fast-paced, though still with some boring parts here and there. Over all though; i found it to be an interseting and entertaining ride into the galxay who is, according to this movie, a really cheessy place and i was listening to Dynatron while writing this ‘review’.