JWD: The Day Time Ended (1979)

A weird, strange and naive little film; but nice and warming kinda.

This charismatic older man, ‘Grant’ (but underdeveloped in character), moves his daughter’s family from the big city to out in the middle of nowhere to get away from urban crime. Then strange scary shit hits the fan during the first night in this awesome looking house (…and locations). The only one not at present is the dad, who is out of town doing some buisness stuff. Grant is there though, the wife, Grant’s daughter, the little grand-daughter and Grant’s youngest son. The house is apparently build right where a time-wrap is unleashing it’s flying saucers, rubber-monsters and tiny flying spaceships who looks like a hybrids between a vhs-player and a vacuum cleaner…how can they survive the night?? What can i say about this weirdo-movie from Fullmoon-Features that are trying really hard to be serious? I did enjoy it, but at the same time i was waiting for some bizarre shit to happen and it it does, it just dosent get anywhere. We do get cheesy monsters and atmospheric out-of-date scenery and we kinda care for the characters as well, but it’s just not verry exiting to watch- though i really liked the dreamy atmosphere, the locations and the nostalgia. The little girl though, was really cute and i really didnt want anything bad to happen to her. And when i come to think of it; It is kind of a «pre-Poltergeist» kinda movie.