JWD: Texas Chainsaw (2013)

No. No no no no no.

As a huge TCM-fan i of course had to see this new one that’s been around for a while now. I even tried to watch it two times to see if liked it bether the second time. BUT after 50 min into the movie, as i watched it the second time, i had to turn it of. What hurt so bad With this Movie is the HUGE plot-holes and i cant describe them With out spoiling some of the Movie, so; *SPOILER ALERT*!! For ones; the main-character, ‘Heather’, played by the gorgeous “Fairuza Balk-lookalike”, Alexandra Daddario who is the lost child of the Sawyer’s. (that’s right, we’re back With the Sawyer’s from the original seriers, and not the Hewitt’s from the ‘remakes’. Ok, that’s fair, but in the movie she is seposed to be at age of 27, completely ignoreing that the TCM-incedent happend back in 1973). And yes, it’s sepsoed to be now-they are using androids and smart-Phones. We even go og back to the day when she is take from her family, the day ‘Sally Hardesty’ jumpes out the window. Plus even more errors and huge plot holes that i wont get into. A die-hard TCM-fan will see them. We do get guest appearance by Bill ‘Chop-Top’ Mosely, Gunnar Hansen AND Marilyn Burns, and that’s cool though. And i liked at least some aspects of the movie, like certain moods and locations and some of the country songs. I hated, though, the fucking hipp RNB-Music and the anoying, ‘SO-NOW’-Young adults who is driving in the Van, heading for Texas to be buzzzzzed to pieces by Leatherface. Im sorry, but this could be just another one of those tooth-less modern slasher. I’ll give it a;