JWD: Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou (1987)

A bitchy high-school cockteaser, slash hartbreaker, accidentally bruns to death on prom night-1957. Thirty years later on the same night, she’s back for revenge!

Her spirit has made a deal with the devil (i think it was) and it’s looking for another highschool-girl’s body to seek refugee in and all hell breaks loose from beyond the grave. If you’re in for a true 80’s horror-cheese fest, this one’s for you. I could see clear references from horror-classics shuch as; ‘Carrie’, ‘The Exorcist’ and even the ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’-movies. The special effects, the soundtrack and the characters are done pretty nicely and it sets a nice tone to this overlooked 80’s horror-movie and it has both comical parts and parts that actully creeped me out a little. Be on the look out for the blond hottie; Wendy Lyon as ‘Vicky Carpenter’, (our main girl). She does a good job in her role as this ’80’s-high school girl from a strickt christain home-gone bad’! But more importantly; she’s nude in a couple of scenes and she is FUCKING hot!! She has the most delicate body i’ve ever seen and i couldnt’ sleep afterwards (the only thing i could think of was Wendy Lyon as ‘Vicky Carpenter-gone bad), one of the hottest blonds that has ever given me a hard on. Final thought; not as bad as i’ve heard it would be, but not a flick i would re-visit every year…i guess. A movie that is cool checking out when it’s October-month and around Halloween.