JWD: Godzilla (1954)

Yo, peoples! Whazz up?? Here it’s late sunday evening and i should be in bed, but insted im having my last beer, listening to The Damned and i’v just seen the first original Godzilla movie for the first time.

The only Godzilla movie iv seen before this one is the one from 1998 with Matthew Broderick and that one really sucked! But…hmm, what is my (mildley) drunken opininon on this one, the Japanese Original, this fine evening?? Well…It was (woops, farted) damn entertaining!

I was verry impressed. Im not a Godzilla expert and i do not know who was in the Godzilla suite, but i might just end up as a Godzilla-geek, but i must say i was verry empressed by the filmmaking and spessial effects-it all looked like toys, but i happen to adore crap like that. One part of my mind got annoyed on Godzilla; im mean, he totaly ruins Tokyo and i couldnt’ help thinking about all it whould take rebuilt it all, i mean he fucking rapes Tokyo (with his gigantic lizard dick)!! Another part of me felt extremly sorry for him-he’s the fucking biggest loner on the planet, yeah yeah, forget about Jason or Michael Myers-Godzilla is even more lonly. The soundtrack is nice and it’s over all a verry entertaining classic that charmed me on several levels. Great cinematography and with a post-apocalyptic feel. Or should we say apocalyptic? It also has a political and humanitarian/environmental statement…and that’s kinda cute as well!