JWD: Evil Brain from Outer Space (1964)

1956; The year of which two people that have meant alot to me was born. My dear mother who has the biggest heart ever and who just loves everybody. And GG Allin.

(Actually it is edited in 1964, based on some films from 1958, -Martin)

This piece of Japanese sci-fi junk is, if anything, a slightly fun and kinda entertaining ride and it was directed by three people; Makka Pakka, Tuttsi Doju and Hump A Dumper. It’s dubbed to English by what appears to be Japanese people (verry strange sounding broken english) and the audio is old and worn out-sounds like pieces of firewood who pops and craks in the fireplace when ever there is a dude who is speaking.

We follow ‘Starman’ who flys down to earth like he’s superman and he follows some «evil brain», who is gonna destroy earth, that we never get to see, or do we? I did get kinda drunk. On earth he finds some allies and tryes to stop the aliens who looks like us, with his karate. Uh…steriotypical children who act like adults, almost like 70 year olds are also a big part of this gem. I did like the first part of the movie alot, when we where out in space, but over all it’s a kinda entertaining little b-craper. I really love old- school b-sci/fi’s and this one is at least an ok one time watch, but it’s still crap.