JWD: Deadwood Park (2007)

Nope; this is no reference to the HBO series ‘Deadwood’- you’ll find no Al Swerarengen quoets here, im sorry! I loved that show by the way, i have all the three sessions on dvd and i remember having Deadwood maratons back in 2007 on the weekends with the fridge full of beer. Good times!

Yes yes, nothing new; im drunk-and have just seen my thrird Eric Stanze movie. First im gonna mention that Stanze is a whole lot like yours fuckin’ truely. The man is obssesed with overgrown and closed down places and uses those kinda pictures-almost like an overkill sensation, but he’s mirroring his soul and it’s his artistic language to the viewer- a kinda cry of inner frustration to the world. Just like Lucio Fulci or Sam Peckinpah or Vinsent Von Ghough, gg Allin and even Quintin Tarantino, i guess. Little did i know that Stanze was southern, he’s gotta be-all the charcters in his movies that i’v seen so far has had something southern about them. Im really damn tired-with good reason; im always working hard and only get wasted on the weekends. Gotta ley down for a while and i’ll get back to you with the review, allright!?

Day after resumé; Sometimes it can be truly embarrassing to read what I’ve written in certain reviews under the influence of alcohol, but I still publish them and live with it. It is kinda my B- and thrash movie philosophy. Last night’s Stanze movie was an atmospheric eerie ride. Highly enjoyable, effective and very creepy. A young man returns to his home town, a small eerie ghost-town, after being away for most of his life. His twin-brother Francis was abdcuted and killed in 1979-apparently the last victim of this small towns-serial killer who supposedly killed over thirity children. And from there the story twists and turns into somtehing really weird and i got very confused towards the end, but keep in mind that it was late at night and the beer was starting to have it’s way with me. Even though i don’t remember the last two minutes or so of the movie, it was revealed to me who or what the killer actually was, that did not get in my way of liking ‘Deadwood Park’-that I might have dosed of right at the end-I did get to see the beheding scene though (!). The atmosphere in ‘Deadwood Park’ is very charming and appealing, even with it’s thick eerienes and the charachters as well (the locals) are a creepy, but a cool crowd to get to know and contributes to that ‘smal-town’ feeling. The grotesqueness, sleaze and gore are toned down a little, but the sound, the primitive soundtrack, the camera-works and last but not least; the locations are truley awsome and we really dont need all that blood and guts in this one to make it interesting, i guess. And yes; ‘Deadwood Park’ has some of that ‘Silent Hill’ mood. P.s; bee the look-out for the local sheriff..what a character.