JWD: Combat Shock (1986)

I know i keep saying this alot; im drunk now and it’s very late, but i guess i have to find some words to describe this cult-classic, released by TROMA.

I’ll just start of by saying that this one is one of the best TROMA-flix that i’v ever seen (it’s the second time i see it). At first it was not released by TROMA and it was done by a couple of brothers, am i right?-who also starred (or at least one of them starred-as the main dude) in this movie and they also made the extremly weird, but unforgetable super-cool soundtrack. It was first called; ‘American Nightnmares’ and that version is a little more graphic then the Troma-version…i guess. Lets not go into details as for now, but tonight i checked out the ‘American Nightmares’ version; both versions are included on this delicate dvd-release by Arrow and i might agree that the original «American Nightmares»-version is somewhat more graphic and disturbing, but you see; i was of course drunkenly num and happy (i guess)-when i first saw the TROMA-version a couple of years back. Uh, fuck-really have to go to bed now gyes, so how do i summon this?

It’s a heavily political loaded film that screams for justice for the veterans who obviously the goverment didnt’ give a flying fuck about, when they returnd home after they had ‘served their duty’ in the meaningless Nam-war. The dude in the movies finaly gets to return home, after beeing a hostage for the gooks (ok ok, Korea, Nam, what’s the difference) for three fucking years of tourture. But that was…«the easy part». Home on Statten Island-NY, he verry soon looses his job and is left with nothing-appsolutely nothing, but his tired nagging worn out not-much-to-look-at wife and a disabled freak for a baby-son who’s always in a weak sickely pain-has to be a direct inspiration from ‘Eraser Head’…the baby is that fucked (of course i feel sorry for it). And to make matters worse; they are stuck in the most slummish apartment you will ever witness on screen- with out any food or money what so ever, all this while our main-dude is beeing tormented by some local gangsters that he owes money to. As my main man; Martin, puts it; ‘It’s dark as a coal-minors asshole’-as deep down in the gutter you may possibly come, but of course; even in the gutter it can’t escape the cheese when it’s gotten the TROMA brand. Great story-telling and all the characters are believable and fascinating, and i mean all of them, though some of the acting are really ‘out there’, but that dosent matter really, at all. As always; couldnt’ help falling in love with the slumish, kinda post-apocalyptic urban locations. Dont’ miss out on it and at least; any TROMA fan should get down to watch this glory of dispaire and personal decay. I really gotta lay back now.

This one gets a full (drunken) pot, no doubt!beerglas-rating-6