JWD: Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)

Bitch, im sick, and out of my dear fucking beer in about two minuets or so- listing to the new album by KGP; horrorcore_rap, it’s really good; ‘Forced Evil’!!

dAMN, i ,eam iy, im sick!! This movie just gave me a great big smear and thats’ not normal. It’s normal to enjoy an exploitation movie, but i was actually kinda turned on by the stuff that was going on and im not fucking ashamed of my self. Well, i wasnt’ actually turned on like with a boner, but i was sitting here drinking my beer and just enjoying the crap out of my brain. If u love graphic sleaze; like Women In Prison/Naziploitaion movies or sadistic splatter flix-this one’s for ya! I guess it was inspired by ‘Olaf: The Sinful Dwarf’, it gotta be, bro’!! Nice old-school gore, cool location, ok editing and an awsome soundtrack that i reconiced from some song by Necro, think it’s on his ‘Pre-fix Of Death’-album. My favorit rapper, Necro!

Torture_porn started much earlier; it must have started with ‘Bloodsucking Freaks’ formerly known as ‘The Incredible Torture Show’ (Tits). Eh…it’s a torture-show movie.

TROMA-movies of the future!!