Review: V/H/S (2012)

Grainy, noisy, VHS-quality, scary shit. A concept that got to an old-school horror fan. 


Directors: Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glen McQuaid, Joe Swanberg & Radio Silence
Stars: Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes, Hannah Fierman
Distributor: SME
Runtime: 110 mins



We follow a group of guys that tape and sell VHS on the illegal market. Boobs and blood is merchandise. They get a tip that there’s a nasty and very sellable piece of tape they can collect at an adress. When they arrive, they find a man dead. They let the corpse lie and watch through a bunch of tapes.


The first tell a story of a couple of jocks trying to pick up girls at a discoteque. One of the girls is weird, and shit starts to happen when they bring her along.
In the second story we follow a couple on their roadtrip. On the motels they stop at, somebody picks up the camera and film when the couple sleeps. But there’s more to that somebody…
In the next story a group of friends are going in to a forest, picking up a killer and bloody victims only on the camera. And then people gets killed, not only on the camera.
In the fourth fixture there’s a webcam conversation between a guy and his girlfriend, who thinks her flat is haunted. And what about the itch on her arm?
The last story is about four friends travelling to a halloween-party in a house they never been in. The house seems to be empty, but weird stuff is taking place, and it seems haunted.


Six different young directors, with six scary stories, having a ball with the concept of VHS. I like it. The quality of the stories varies, but it’s well stitched together as a scary hommage to the old home video concept. It’s playful, creepy, ugly and entertaining. Looking forward to watch “V/H/S 2”.