Review: Syndicate Sadists (1975)

He’s wearing a red beanie and a black leather jacket. He’s riding a cool motorbike. He’s smooth with the women, nice to the kids and he beats the shit out of the crooks. He’s Rambo, and this is “Syndicate sadists”!

dvd“SYNDICATE SADISTS” (Il giustiziere sfida la città)

Director: Umberto Lenzi
Stars: Tomas Milian, Joseph Cotton, Maria Fiore
Distributor: Shriek Show
Runtime: 92 mins

“Life is just one hole. You start from a hole, you feed yourself through a hole, you shit from a hole and you finnish up in a hole.”


Rambo is back visiting his brother in Milan. When his brother gets killed by a crime family because he finds out that they have kidnapped a little kid, Rambo goes after them. He puts the two big crime families up against eachothers, and a bloody fight begins. First against eachothers, then they go for Rambo. Will he take down the families and save the kidnapped kid? You better watch it to find out!!


A cool-looking euro-crime. Milian is playing his role with confidence as always. Lenzi is doing his normal fast-paced action direction the way I like it, and as usual we get some bitch-slapping for good measure(?!). Even though we have seen this story a thousand times before (“Yojimbo”, “A fistful of dollars” etc.), it works in this setting as well. Great entertainment with snappy dialogue and good action.


A great interview with the director on this dvd. Tomas Milian liked to play a character with the name “Rambo” after he read the book “First blood”. And he liked the character to be a nice guy, after playing a real badboy in “Almost Human” and “Rome armed to the teeth” (by the same director). The movie had the working title: “Rambo vs. the City”.