JWD: Ringo; Face of Revenge (1967)

Antoney Steffen, who owns one of my favoritt spaghetti western-faces, stars as our anti-hero in this ‘Ringo-flick’.

‘Ringo’ and his old partner in crime, played by Eudardo Fajardo (who played Django’s nemisis in the 1966 original), saves a Mexican gringo’s life who has been hunted down by other outlaws (Mexicans, cowboys, frogs…cant’ really remember). Ringo and his sadle-buddy figures that the gringo either is wealthy or that he might know something about a hidden treasure-so they shoot down the assholes who are trying to kill him and kinda demands for a reward. The slick gringo offers them a couple of gold coins, but they soon learn that he has half a treasure map tattoed on his back and that the other half is tattoed on some sherrif’s back. The three of them makes some kinda posse and heads out to find the sheriff and makes some kinda plan togheter and a forth dude joins in, an even slicker gye and he’s also a sadist, played by Frank Wolff (the marshal in ‘The Great Silence’) and all hell brakes loose on this random spaghetti-town.

There is bullets (dah..), bodies falling like flyes in the dust, blood and other wierd shit, situations and double crossing. I was not supriseingly throwing down beer after beer so it got kinda hard for me to focus on all the shit that was going on-same with beer and giallos; so hard to pay attention to the story.

I did get the picture, but some of the twisting details kinda slipped from time to time. It’s yet another ‘same ol-same ol’-spaghetti western, but who cares, have you seen one spaghetti western you’ve seen em’ all, right? But that’s why we watch em’ i guess; we need that forever hot blowing desert wind when weekend is upon us-travel to that unauhtentic western dimension of greed, dust, heat, blood, liquor and slezy desperat and cynical charatcers-where gold is everthing and youre’ life is worth how fast you are on the trigger .

It’s not the grittiest spaghetti western iv’ seen, though it is still pretty gritty- i have seen as many as between 80 and 90 of them. The locations look intensly dry, and hot like hell-a little puragtory-like and the tradtitional spaghetti music with the harmonica, trompets and baritone-guitar couldent’ fit any better. Interesting characters as well. I think this is the first ‘Ringo-western’ i’v seen and i enjoyed the cynical violent ride through the dusty landscapes.