JWD: Savage Harvest (1994)

Ok, so this sick fuck is listening to Mr. Morbid & Melph and finnishing of his two last beers of the evening (and i really am a sick bastard, well im not that of a perv, really, but my mind is twisted- that’s the truth).

Just finnished the debut movie of Eric Stanze, a name that’s new to me and a very shot-on-video-ish movie too. I’ll get right to it and say that this was one of those movies that kept me interested from the start. Let’s just throw all the ass-sucking aside and call this a shot-on-video flick cos’, the quality is oh-so down in the dumbster. It’s a charming ride that summoned a little smile back in the corner of my mouth and kept me scrubbing my hands togheter. The gore was actully really really good to be as low budget as it is and the passionate dedication to this project shows,which makes it hard not to adore. Dont’ step over this one and keep walking if your’ a fan of ‘in-the-bottom-of-the-dumbster’-horror flicks or a geek who just wants to come across as much horror as possible. It’s really about a bunch of 1993/94-freinds who stumbles over some nasty indian curse and has to adupt to a night of horrors and the gore-beloning to one selfs and their friends. Oh, and that young blond (Mikkie), she cant’ be more then 18, but she’s fucking hot…Im obssesed with natural looking hot blonds….and redheads. And ‘Mikkie’ looks a little too much like that other hot blond chick, in the shot-on-video classic ‘Cannibal Campout’ (1987). And i was lucky enough to discover that she appared in a erotic short-movie in the extars- department of the Eric Stanze dvd collection that i’v just bought, it must have been her…or at least a look-alike. At least that short movie made a nice finnish to my night…if you know what i mean- maybe i can finally get some rest now. Looking forward to try out the other Eric Stanze movies as well.