JWD: Night of the Demon (1980)

Another ‘sasquatchploitation’ y’all!!

This is a bigfoot movie i’v been wanting to see for years, i have tried to order it on dvd before, but it’s just so rare, obscure and out of print that i’v never got my hands on one. And it’s kind of a (cult) hype; i have the impression that this flick has a-if not a big, but very loyal fan-base who really loves this piece of crap.

A teacher/professor and four students goes on an expedition on the search for the legendary beast who has killed alot of people in the area, ripped them to pieces.

I saw this one on youtube and the (long and boring) dialog was mumbelish and unclear and the bulldog was snoring in the kitchen…agian. This led me to loose interest in what was going on, i was getting drunk and tired and i fell asleep ten times or so,-only a few second or half a minute or so at the time though.

Any way; they end up at this cabin by theire’ canoo where they meet this lone-wolf hunter who is not verry keen on having guest and this wird lady who know’s some secrets about the bigfoot.

I really wanted to dig this movie, but i must say that i got a little disapointed. In my mind it lacks somthing, but never the less i did like the old school horror-feel and what makes this worth while was the climax, which was full of wicked bigfoot-splatter. It is a verry gory and violent movie and that’s cool, but still-i didnt love it. The bigfoot looks really cool and alot like a young adult male and quite human-like, you see, he might be a hybrid. And it is a 70′ bigfoot movie (ok, ok 1980) and i do have soft spot for them old bigfoot movies. Newer too, but there is somthing about them old ones, the atmosphere and the nostalgia you know. I respect the fans of this movie, but im not it’s biggest fan, to put it that way. But i didnt hate it etiher.