JWD: I Spit on your Corpse, I Piss on your Grave (2001)

Man, what a non-budget gore-ride! To bad it ended so quickley though.

The second Eric Stanze movie i’v seen in a short while. Am i wrong when i say that Eric Stanze movies are shot-on-video gems, sure feels that way. What im left with after this watch; is that this 1 hour and 15 minuets long movie has a very good story and a really autentic feel, because of the quality of the picture and it really looks home made…ish. Hold on again, gotta grab that last beer and take a piss-cranking some Boondox-The Scarcrow.

Ok then, back on the couch, almost waking up the whole house and i guess i could make an attempt on telling you what this movie is about. Well, it’s kinda a mixed up story; a couple of outsider female friends get mixed up with a couple of outsider-brothers, both with strong psychopatic tendensies (but which one of the brothers is worse), which leads to some kind of joulesy drama-which leads to some kind of lokal gory mayhem in a dude’s basment that drunked one of the females and raped her on his bed. It’s one of those rare movies that got me crawling back and forward on the couch (and made me look over my shoulder-hoping non of the kids would wake up, or my girlfriend OR her friend would come down to the movie-room-because it’s just so goddamn graphic, disturbing and uncomfortable to watch and it lookes fuckin’ real…if it’s possible to ignore that terrible terrible acting). The movie also has a very ‘local’ feel and you can almost smell the vengeance-lust steaming of the faltscreen. And i cant’ talk about this gem without mentioning how hardcore it is…f.eks the sceen with the miniature bat going up the pussy (close-up) and other hot sex-scenes. I could write you bullshit all night, and if you want that, just surf the page and read all my other drunken bull-shit. Now i see a bottle of vine on the table with a glass or two left in it. It,s my girlfreinds but i think it’s going down my troat. Well nhaaa, im gonna go and lay down beside that yummy ass, guess i’ll try to get some sleep. Closing of, i just have to say that the horrorcore-rapper KGP, makes so badass violent music-lots of emotions. I recomend his newest album ‘Forced Evil’.