JWD: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

Here we have it; the once praised, but now fading cult-classic. Bring some new sparks into it, young ones!! Hehe..hey, look who’s talking-a 32 year old b-movie drunk how is kinda a diper-baby himself; i was like fucking three, when this sleazy piece of cinema came out.

An extremley loose based movie (with a little shot amount of running time) on the ‘career’ of the fucking nasty sons of a bitches-real life serial killers; Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Tool. The unstable and killing-happy Henry (Michael Rooker)-who never learnd to read or write, moves in to his former inmate; Otis, who is having his struggling sister over to live with him as well. The sweet blond sister has run away from her ex and left her daugther at her and Otis’ mama’s place -while trying to find a job in the town of Chicago. I seriously feelt with her; a desperat young woman who is dreaming of a steady job and getting her little girl back. That actually moved me; seeing her talk with her kid on the phone, holding her tears back while trying to make ends meet. Well, Henry has a past (And i am actually tired and a little too intoxicated_on beer of course-to write a review.) And to make matters worse; Otis’ sister_whats her name-is falling in love with the serial killing Henry_who has mama issiues and is more or less incapable of making love, but more then willingly goes around and brutaly kills women. But she also has her Brother Otis to worry about, who is drooling all over her and wants to have his way with her. Henry does fall in love with her, or starting to feel protectiv at least…but can she survive the romance?? A dark urban killingspree-horor, with lots of cool dated notalgic crap to take in. A true beer-soaked b-movie that should appeal to most beer loving b-movie geeks. What’s kinda Funny is that you some how end up cheering on Henry, Otis (well…Otis is a nasty fucker that almost makes me vomit-but i love to hate him) and the sis’-who all gets mixed up in this out of control killing spree, but who will survive and will they eventually run away from their own demons . Gotta take a piss now and it’s nighty night!