JWD: Cut-Throats Nine (1972)

Nevermind the ‘Hateful eight’; here’s the Cutthroats 9!

A band of dirty and utterly cruel criminals are beeing transportert through a freezing, winterly and hellish wastland in a caravan, heading for Forth Green-while chained togheter at their feet. The vagon get’s highjacked by desperat hungry bandits, but are eventaully driven away by the soldiers, Marshalls or what ever they are who are there to see to that the vagon with the prisoners safely gets through to the destination. But after the run-in with the bandits and the prisoners almost being killed, do to the caravan crashing down a hill-coast by the bandits and all the soldiers or Marshalls or poal dancers, laying slayned in the snow-the prisoners are still chained togheter and some more hurt then the rest of them which instantly makes you a ‘slower’. But one ‘lawman’ is still alive; the leader of the expedition, sgt. Brown and he has some hateful personal issiues with this group of cutthroats. So with a pointing gun he pushes the chaingang through the freezing hell determent to get those bastards to Fort Green. Oh, and just to make matters worse; he also brought his attractive daughters on for the ride, who of course falls in love with one of the cutthroats. ‘Cutthroats 9’ is one of the most vicioues, nihilistic and perhaps the most gory spaghetti western that was ever made-close to an early splatter movie. It’s a western about despair, hate, hopelessness and the ultimate struggle for survival and you can read it in the faces of the charaters in the movie. I cant say enough on how cold the locations are and the depressiv soundtrack is eerie as fuck, kinda like it’s the storieteller of the movie it’s self. And forget about hope and cheering on the characters that you are seposed to feel relations to-this movie just goes down and down, even when you think that stuff cant get any wores, it dont stop-the despair just goes deeper and deeper. Some bad dubbing in the dialog, some flatt acting-especeially from the girl( who annoyingly is just ‘kinda there’ and tags along), and a good portion of old cheese as well. Not among the best spaghettis in my book, but still an entertaining beer-ride that i like to watch during the winter.