JWD: Chopping Mall (1986)

This 80’s-mall has gotten a new security system; Robot-security. It’s very effective, even highly futuristic…and bloodthirsty.

The night before the new robot-security is activted, four couples that are employees in the mall desides to go partying in the mall’s furniture-store after closing time. Well, not all of them are employes, some of them are girlfriends and friends of the employees as well. And at the first minute you meet these gang of frinds (hmm…cool band name; Ā«Gang Of FriendsĀ»)- there is no question who is gonna survie the night. You see there is a short tunderstorm over the city; cousing the robots to pre-activate and they have a fusion and they become all evil and more then willing to kill of unwanted gests after closing time. I couldnt’ really figure out if there was some kind of humor to this flick or if it is just so fucking unforgivable cheesy. But it’s gory, damn fucking entertaining and a very enjoyable ride from start till’ end. The soundtrack is lovley synt music, which should have gotten me in the mood for listening to some ‘New Wave Retro’-stuff, but i wasnt’-i was listening to gg Allin while writing this review. It’s late and im getting kinda drunk, but i think i gotta have myself another beer and crank some Blaze Ya’ Dead Homie as well.

had a fucking hard time with the sound, man. Damn is either our new flatt-screen, or it’s my old blu-ray player and i will mention this in all my reviews till’ i get my old flatscreen up and running again. That’s why i watch most of my movies of choise on youtube these days. Oh, yeah; this is the second time i’v watched this baby and i do love this 80’s ride a whole lot. If it was up to me, i would live in an 80’s cheese-fest for all eternity.