JWD: Cemetery Without Crosses (1969)

One of those; in-a-nutshell spaghetti westerns.

Finaly got down to taste this long lost and much wanted bowl of spaghetti. A road of vengeance and double-crossing. Hot yellow and dry landscapes, blood, loneliness and fucking revenge. The most badass spaghetti-music you can imagine and a kinda well produced spaghetti western over all, really-from time to time it even kinda looked like to be an american western as well; i would say it’s like 25% american western-ish in character. Loads of badassery and lots of effective camera-angles and shots in the dusty darnkness. Ugh, fuck, finnishing of my last beer of the evening and couldnt’ give a fuck, listening to Necro. If u like my reviews, thanks a whole lot- love u for it!! If not…well fuck it, couldnt’ give a fuck. If you are a spaghetti-geek like Martin or myself, or you just feel kinda drawn down into the ditch of spaghetti; you could as well start out with this one-you dont’ have to start with the ‘dollar-trilogi’, ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ or ‘Django’. Well, you should, but this one works just as well, you have the resipi right here; that true hardcore-spaghetti western. One more thing; Martin went on and on about that ‘table-sceen’ and even insisted on showing it to me, before i saw the actuall movie. Im not giving it away, but buddy, i hate telling you this; i was not that blown away-it was just akward really and all i could think was that it has to be the most noisy and annoying table-sceen that has ever been shot. The overdubbing reminded me of someone shaking a big black garbagebag full of dishes-just to see how much nois they could possibly get from it. And i almost forgot; the spaghetti-town is one of the most badass ones i’v ever seen on screen, at least the most ghost-like!