JWD: Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection (1990)

One of my fave badasses; Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson is back once again as the tough detective Robert Mallone in the third ‘Black Cobra’ movie (wouldnt’ it be badass if he appeared once again as detective Mallon, even though he’s closing in on 80-he still looks very well fitted).

Bob Mallon is assigned to the Philippines on a top secret mission and has to leave his dear old city of Chicago. I’ll be breef; im thirsty and gotta go grab a beer. ‘Black Cobra 3’ is a true cheese fest; when it tries to be serioues, it’s funny and when it tries to be funny, it’s not…well maybe akwardly funny. The ‘Black Cobra’-movies are Italian produced action movies that kinda tries to be American and it shows, but that’s not really a problem; i take them for the cheese they are, you know. Black Cobra 3 is an entertaining and violent action movie with a high bodycount and cool locations, funny and questionable steriotypes (like the angry boss) and effective cameraworks. ‘The Hammer’ as well, never diapoints-he’s always BADASS! The music; well…we get some atmospheric «oldschool action-synth music», but some of it really blows as well. Oh, and dont forget; ‘it’s the power of love’!