JWD: Arcade (1993)

1993; the year i was 10 and the year that GG Allin died.

From a very early age i’v got nostalgia in my wains. I was four in 1987 and i think it was around that time i started watching the sky channel (or sky-Network?), which would deside what kind of person i whould become-it was then i discovered He-Man and Bravestarr (which i now almost 30 years later has re-discovered). Now over till’ tonight’s movie; ‘Arcade’.

I recognized almost all of cast in this FULLMOON-feature. There was a gye there named Set Green, know i’v seen him before, but he looks a whole lot like Jared Leto. And there is A. J. Langer. Ehy, bro’, i shaked the winer alot to A. J. Langer in the mid 90’s; seeing her in ‘The People Under The Stairs’ and ‘Angela’. She’s one of my 90’s icons-i was soooo HOT for her back in the day. So here i am; 32 years old and writing stupid drunken shit and i was looking a little to much on A.J douring this flik (didnt’ do the naughty-buisness though-she’s a high school girl here and that whould just be really really akward..). And hey, could the cast be any more teenagers in this flick?? They are hard core-teenagers and sssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 90’s! I really enjoyed myself through out this flick; it was so nostalgic, cheesy and dated. A Fullmoon-feature that really tickled my balls.

This b-movie drunk has been listening to ‘Arcade High’ while writing this review and finnishing of his last beer. Gotta lay down-and closing off, he can tell you that this movie is kinda like in the style of good ol’ ‘Brainscan’; though we are more in THA’ GAME-so to speak. Im sorry that im so drunk right now, but this is a beer and b-movie pages.