JWD: A Pistol for Ringo (1965)

I kinda got anoyed with all the christmas decorations and the milkglasses and the confusing plot, and that the audio was kinda bad, and that…YES, our B-dog; Ulf, was snoring as always like a fatal storm in the kitchen.

Spaghetti-icon: Giuliano Gemma, ok then, ‘Mongomery Wood’, is the lesser known iconic antihero; ‘RINGO’, who is this jolly pistolero with alot of deaths on his consciens and he drinks only milk…i hate that. That’s not cool. That’s not badassery. Drink some god damn whiskey like all the other Italian cowboys and laughing Mexicans! No wait, they drink Tequila. Well, Ringo is cought by the law, but at the same moment some Mexicans, laughing, are robbing a bank and killing alot of people in the nighborhood. Ringo is giving the opportunrty to help out and save some people, or die in the gallows. So Ringo agrees and this confucing stuff, at least to a b-movie drunk, strarts to happen; there where dialog, non-stop and i couldnt’ even eat nachos-with out not hearing the dialog at all. Well, i’v heard about 50% or so and i understod that this was some badass shit. Ok, but Ringo goes undercover and alot of innocent Mexicans, not-laughing, gets killed off for fun by this big band of other Mexican dudes and Ringo kinda gets himself caught in the crossfire.

This is a much appreciated (pre-‘The good-The Bad-And The Ugly’-) spaghetti western by fans of the genre and i enjoyed it also, but i didnt’ love the friggin hell out of it and i dont’ know how i feel about all that christmas-stuff, but still worth checking out for spaghetti fans.