JWD: Savage Weekend (1979)

Five friends??…Really?? Ok, says so on the dvd-cover, but i wouldn’t call those people friends.

But, five friends then, from the big city-travles upstate NY, up to «hillbilly-land»-where two locals just happens to speak with a southern dialect; juuuust because it’s out in the country. As i’v might have complained before; the audio was bad and Ulf-the b-dog was snoring in the kitchen…new decible record (…DAMN IT!!)

There is this hot mom in this movie-in her late 20’s/early 30’s, who kinda look like another hot young lady i know….she has a new man, the movie-mom, and her ex-husbond rearly gets to see their kid; he’s kinda left out. She has a new man allright, but she’s verry horny, though she tries to stick to her new man (who is also on this vacation). Along side with the new couple; there is also a playboy kinda gye (with a wife at home) and another young hottie-who likes getting her tan in the nude (FUCK-ALERT!!). Last but not least; there is the gay gye. Loooove that gye, one of my favorite characters in this ol’ Cannon Group-release, released by Cheesy Flix on dvd. He walks into this bar, right, out in «hillbilly-land»-acting all gay and urban; provoking and flirting with the no-bullshit rednecks. He of course gets picked on and beats the hell out of these two gyes (one of my favorit moments in the flick). The «main girl» (hot-mom), starting to feel her urges and keeps seeing this mustachio-hillbilly; a hard working ruffneck, who really is a good (enough) gye and a single dad (my other favorite character in the movie). But the hot mom keeps teasing him on (even though she looks ashamed of what she is doing) and when he finaly grabs for her, she acts like she’s being raped; acting all drama-leaving him really frusterated. Uh, the soundtrack is kinda atmospheric and the kills are simple, not to gory, but it works. The mask of the killer too; simple, but creepy and pretty bad-ass. Shit; gotta go…to bed.. HAHAHAH!!!