Review: Werewolf Woman (1976)

And that’s how you make a perfect Exploitation.

blu“WEREWOLF WOMAN”(La Lupa Manara)

Director: Rino Di Silvestro
Stars: Annik Borel, Dagmar Lassander, Howard Ross
Distributor: Raro Video
Runtime: 97 mins

“We can’t accept such ridiculous legends on werewolves, we’d be mad.”


After a rape-thrauma in her teens the beautiful Daniela is stuggling with her psychosis. One of her biggest issues is that she turns into a raving mad werewolf every once in a while, usually triggered by sexual encounters. When she escapes the clinic, she falls in love. But can it last, and can the investigators get to her before she makes another killing?


This was a joy to behold. Not only does it fill the screen with loads of nudity, sex and bloodshed, but the whole story is interesting and fucking well done. The beautiful Annik Borel is top-notch in her portrait of the troubled woman, who not only get the sympathy from the police and doctors but also us as spectators. This is a cross-over between pure exploitation and Polanskis “Repulsion” & “Tenant”. Cannot give it full score, but it’s getting damn close. A must-see for euro-thrash fans. Highly recommended!


Raro with a great transfer of the movie. It includes a booklet, an interview and a couple of trailers.