Review: San Babila Ore 20: Un Delitto Inutile (1976)

The Italian police couldn’t give a rats ass if there is some bloody street fights, but if you pose with a dildo you’re…screwed…

blu“SAN BABILA, 8 P.M.” (San Babila Ore 20: Un Delitto Inutile)

Director: Carlo Lizzani
Stars: Daniele Asti, Giuliano Cesareo, Pietro Brambilla
Distributor: Camera Obscura
Runtime: 101 mins

“The moment he talks, I’ll slap him so hard, he’ll forget his own adress.”


Based on real events. We follow a group of dissatisfied and angry young men with neo-fascist attitudes one day in Milan. They need to canalize their anger through violence, and when they plan to bomb the communist office in the city, everything heads toward catastrophe.


This euro-crime is more of a drama than action. I’m more of an action afficionado in this sub-genre. Anyway, it’s well made, well acted and feels real at times. Director Lizzani used mainly amateurs and filmed it in real surroundings with real people who didn’t always knew what was going on. Even when the kids start marching in the streets, a lot of people joined them without noticing the camera. It’s a merciless portrait of the political unrest in the country at the time. Interesting, but i like my b-movies served with a little sleaze on the side.


Camera Obscura with another well made Blu-Ray. The quality is superb, and the extras interesting. Give them your support and buy their great B-movies!