JWD: Sharknado (2013)

It was time to watch this instant cult-classic. Everybody else has watched it and number four in the series is allready around the corner.

I had a plesant movie-night, hanging out with my beers and i got ecactly what i was expecting from Asylum. It’s fun to see the fallen Beverly Hills 90210 actor…uh, Ian…somthing (i just put the blu-ray back in the shelf), who i remember really good as; ‘Steve’. I am part of the 90’s Beverly Hills-kids generation. And the gye at the beach-bar, the ole’ drunk, he ┬áis an old Hollywood veteran too- i know i must have seen tons of his movies, but now i just cant remember, but he deliverd good with his thoung in his cheak. And Ian’s character-Fin’s ex-wife is played by that blonde chick from the original first American Pie-movie and she playes this sterio-typical naging, oh-so-negative ex-wife and i couldnt’ help but just fucking hate her guts trough out the first part of the movie. But i kinda loosens up after a while. And the kids they have together, i mean, were they like 15 when they had them…ok, i does happen. This is one of the ‘better’ Asylum pictures out there, i guess it’s their biggest hit and it has all the lame and hard to swallow cliches they always have and that, apparantly voluntarily, akward editing which i see in all their movies and a big FUCK YOU to Hollywood. And i say it too; fuck you Hollywood. Fuck you, dont’ need ya’!!(…but thanks for all the classics). I was listening to good old Accept while writing this ‘review’, but now im changing over the the 80’s Norwegian hardcore band Angor Wat and grabing the last beer of the eveining… or morning really. Fuck, this didnt’ make any sense at all..