JWD: Sand Sharks (2011)

This is my first viewing experience of this new sharkboom-trend in ‘The Asylum’-tradition and i must say that i didn’t expect much, but i was positivly suprised. At least with this one and it made me wanna check out more of them.

Jimmy (Corin Nemec); a patetic and slick dude in his mid/late thirties shows up unannounced in his old home town at the mairs office (im not giving away their relations) to precent his big plans (all to his own benefit, of course). His mind-blowing plans is to throw this big kinda’ beachparty-festival. But shit aint going as planed, cos’ at the same time as Jimmy returns home, the smal idylic costline village (i think it’s a village, might as well be a big city for that matter; i was throwing down beer after beer and often my mind goes elsewhere) is troubled by some sandsharking-mayhem-but of course; the ‘kinda-beach-party-festival’ is proceeded anyway.

There is quite alot that makes this movie a charming ride. It has a lot of likeable characters-even the ones you end up not liking, cos’ all of them sinkes (so to speak) into their characters. I was very pleased and surprised to see Corin Nemec again, an actor i looked up to in the 90’s when i was growing up. I also want to take the time to say that i think he is a verry talented actor (check him out in ‘Bundy: Legecy Of Evil_2008). And i could not help that i kinda liked the cocky ‘Jimmy’, which he potraits here in ‘Sand Sharks’. The locations are awsome and might make you long for a summer.hollyday and the soundtrack is kinda nice to and it’s constant (a typical Asylum-syndrom). AND…of course the overwelming cheese and clich├Ęs and stupidity which are to much to mention really. Im gonna be a pal with ‘Sand Sharks’ and give it a: