JWD: Exists (2014)

Im a bigfoot fan, always been, scenes 1989- when i saw a Disney production simpley called; ‘bigfoot’ with my mom… i was six. And i was kinda exited when i heard about this flick on the internet and that it was directed by Euadro Sanchez. That name didnt’ tell me anything, but it said that it was the same director who did the instant cult-classic ‘The Blair Witch Prodject’ (1999) whom took the world by storm and it really is a good horror-movie.

Well, this one start out like your typical used up youths-go-camping-kinda-horror and it stays that way. I disliked the cast right away and i kinda felt like the fifth wheel who really didnt want to come along for the ride. Beside of having most of the cleechès from those lame and toothless more recent ‘teen horror-movies’-the acting is really anoying (and kinda tries to re-create some of the intense moments from the 1999_cult classic), and about half of the movie is shoot in complete darkness; cant’ see shit. It’s extremly fast pased, not nesaserily a bad thing, but we mostly get to hear the bigfoot making noises in the Texas-woods (some of it sounded more like a trompet in my ears). But the pay-off comes near the climax, when we get to see the (well designed) bigfoot alot more, and things get alot more interesting and exiting. I knew the plot right away, but it was still pretty cool towards the ending and some of it even suprised me a little.

Ok, end-notes; You actually CAN see shit, after the sun goes down. After the flick was over and the sun had gone down and not refelcting in the flatscreen, i put it on again, had some more beers, while wrigthing this review-im actully doing all of this right now, and it suddenly was much easier ‘seeing in the darkness’. And Yeah; the pale redheaded babe with the yummy titts was just gorgeous. Now, if you will exuse me, this dirty-faced Norwegain redneck with his stomac full of beer and badly home made burgers has to take a shower and go to bed. And when i come to think of it; that pretty curley-head one, does have a convincing face when she is playing upset. She really does look pissed.

Ok-ok, im back, just finished watching it for the second time. The cast still annoys me, but not as much as a couple of houers or so ago. And i think the outcome was a little better after the second watch.