JWD: Engine Trouble (2002)

Gotta give my self self-credit, nobody else does (exept my mom).

The credit goes to me figuring out that this was a Belgian movie with a lead actress from Sweden. I had to go figure it out on IMBD, couldn’t help my self cos’ it was something about this flick that seemed very Begian to me, even though I’ve never been there and IĀ could clearly hear that the lead actress was Swedish, even though they all seemed to sound and act very American. I am inteligent that way, even though im not a very smart person. And the swedish babe; Cecilia Berqvist looks a whole like Angelina Joley… at least in this movie. And she’s not that bad of an actor either. Well, she’s far from great, she’s no Elisabeth Taylor or Julia Roberts, but she do give alot from her self and it shows…she gives off steam. The ‘first half’ of the movie gave the impression that this was gonna blow big time, but about 35 min into the flick it was getting kinda exciting. Getting drunk now and listening to the first TESLA BOY-ep with the song ‘Rebecca’, in honor of the lead role’s name. But, uh…this is to tell ya’ the truth-a kinda turd-slasher, but with a nice portion of charm that covers up the turd-reek-it was quite effective actually and i ejoyed this beer-soaked slasher-evening, all my slasher evenings are beer-soaked.. ever since i was old enough to drink, or something. The story; well, it was kinda exciting and sucked at the same time. I like the buncker location and the dedication- there was a tru dedication here…effective, man. But, hell ‘Rebecca’ is not the Tesla Boy-ep…let’s see…it from the fucking ‘Modern Thrills’ release from Tesla Boy, of course. I wouldnt’ mind taking the lead role from behind to that song, man. It’s that simple, really-when in intoxicated.

But, where the fuck was Arnie and Danny divito!?


Couldn’t find any trailers on this one…