JWD: Bloody Murder 2 (2003)

There arent’ many b-junk movies in the horror section that has sceared me, but this was one of them!

We’re at camp…what’s youre’ name, where these counslers in their early twenties are drinking beer in the autumnal woods, having sex and being terrorized, by a certain ‘Trevor Moorhouse’…apperantly. This sequal has a different director then in the first movie and i liked this one alot more. Pretty good camera work and so are the editing. The killings are graphic and down right ugly-the acting as well is pretty ok and when some one was getting killed off, i could really feel their death-anxiety, i felt it on my body… it was ugly, kinda real. Hot chicks as well and even a really hot, well done sex-scene. But that was not with my favorite girl in this movie, Tracy…’Trace’. Tracy is a hot blond-with that damn yummy body-figure. She’s hot as fuck, but a goodie-goodie girl… a fucking tease bro’-a fucking tease. Dont’ be so hard to get, goddamn it, just let me bury my face in you’re butt-crack, you know! Eerie and effective soundtrack as well. The movie has a very early 2000’s feel, but it’s kinda like the 90’s is still hanging on as well. A fun flashback to the start of the millenium-horror wise.

Was listening to Lord Infamous while writing this shit.