JWD: Age of Tomorrow (2014)

There is always one word that pops into my head everytime i watch an Asylum-flick…STUPID!

Here we have it; the world is threatened by a huuuuuge astroide and America has to save our ass (as always) . Well, after the bad modda funking Americans actually lands on this astroied, it’s actually a mothership, with some mean-ass aliens on it-with out giving away to much of the story. This is another sooooo Asylum flick and classics such as; ‘Armageddon’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Predator’ and even ‘Alien’ rings headachely loud in my drunken rotten (old school) zombie skull. If you are not verry familiar with the Asylum studio, they often make mockbusters; ripp-off’s of often verry succsessful hit-movies and blockbusters-stealing/borrowing the ideas and making their own movies in much-much less quality, both when it comes to acting (often hiring fallen-stars and b-rated celeberties) and production-wise. This movie is no exeption, which has an overload-to the burtsing point-of akwardly bad cheese and jaw-droping used up clices. The soundtrack though, sounds epic (as always), it’s non-stop and verry effective. But, even though i enjoyed this movie like some sticky trown away porno mag in the bottom of the dumpster, i cant even get myself to give it three glasses of beer. I was enjoying the the rap-group; ‘Project Born’ (musically), while writing this «review».