JWD: 10.000 Dollars For A Massacre (1967)

Howdy!! Who’s drunk??

Just enjoyed some cold ones and this dark-toned, gritty and kinda gothic, unoffical Django-sequal (spaghetti western…of course). Uh…«Django», ‘Gianni Garko’, who doesn’t look anything like any Django at all-they should have named him somthing else, but that name was a trademarke in spaghetti westerns back in those days, is a crafted bounty-hunter who is asked by a rich man to hunt down, ‘Manuel’; a sleazy dangeorus psychopath who has kidnapped his daughter for mariage. And so ‘Django’ starts his ride down a weird trail of desert-dust, gunsmoke, dead bodies, a sterio-typical sidekick, laughing Mexicans, salloons and a french prostitute that wants him to straighten up-to fall in love with. It of course has an awsome spaghetti-score and bad-ass ghost-towns and locations. Slow at parts, but alot of gunplay, kills and sadistic violence. And a highly thrilling climax. P.s. The Mexican bastardo-psycho; ‘Manuel’ is played by Claudio Casamo who commited suicide in prison after a murder atempt on his girlfriend. He was the brother of spaghetti-icon Gian Maria Volonte.