JWD: The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)

Bigfoot V.S Hillbillies : Last night i saw’ Legend Of Boggy Creek’ for the forth time, my favorit bigfoot-movie.

It,s a docudrama (‘true story’), about a smal town in Arkensas called Fouke and it,s Boggy Creek. And in Fouk, some of the towns-folks are experiencing harassment, caused by this bigfoot_type-swamp creature (said to be a little samler and slimmer then the north American bigfoot). But when the creature beginings to steal the farm animals and tries to break into peoples houses (maybe to get to the women ?), the towns-people, get’s pissed and the hunt for the ‘Fouke-monster’ is on. I do love this movie very much, for it,s southern smal-town atmosphere, the people in it-‘real hillbilly’-Fouke residents from the town it’s self, talking with the thickest southern drawl you can imagine. It’s also verry reflective to watch this cool People who are so close to nature and the love they have for the wild. A nostalgic, melancholic hick-mystery film… I just gotta’ give it a full score. One of my favorit movies…Now, lets open another beer hall we!?