Review: Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971)

If you roam the countryside of Portugal, you be careful! A bunch of excommunicated satanic Knights Templar are looking for blood, even though they’re blind…and dead.

dvd“TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD”(La Noche Del Terror Ciego)

Director: Amando De Ossorio
Stars: Lone Flemming, Cesar Burner, Helen Harp
Distributor: Blue Underground
Runtime: 101 mins

“Let’s leave soon. These ruins look evil.”


On a holiday trip, Roger and Virginia meet Betty. Betty and Virginia where roomates in a catholic boarding school where they had a fling (Everyone do in these movies, so I guess it’s pretty normal?) They all take a train to the coast, and after some flirting between Roger and Betty, Virginia jump the train in the middle of nowhere. After some roaming she finds the ruins of an old monastery where she crash for the night. This wakes up a bunch of blood-thirsty horse-riding skeletons. She get killed, and Roger and Virginia wants to check out the rumors about the Knight Templars who lived in the area hundreds of years earlier.


A Spanish exploitation classic. Accompanied by one freaking scary medieval soundtrack, this bunch of satanic zombies rides their horses in slow motion to great effect. The costumes are creepy and works well with the backdrops. Unfortunately the characters sucks and the story is simple. But what lacks in performance by the female leads, you get in their…erhm…physical appearances. Still we do not care about any of them, hoping they’ll all get munched upon. Especially the giggling frog-torturing pathologist.


This is the first movie in a series of four. Greatly presented by Blue Underground in a coffin shaped dvd box-set. Looking forward seeing the blind dead again in the sequel.