Review: The Big Gundown (1966)

Don’t underestimate Lee Van Cleef, he also shoots faster than Lucky Luke’s shadow.

blu“THE BIG GUNDOWN” (La Resa Dei Conti)

Director: Sergio Sollima
Stars: Lee Van Cleef, Tomas Milian, Walter Barnes
Distributor: Grindhouse Releasing
Runtime: 95 mins

“I’ll get you! You can’t run fast enough or far enough. I’ll hunt you down and kill you like the rotten beast you are.”


Bounty hunter Corbet (Van Cleef) gets a last mission before getting ellected as Governour. Find and kill a Mexican (Milian)who allegedly has raped and killed a young girl. On his hunt he slowly finds out that he’s probably after a wrongly accused man.


This movie is so good it hurts. Morricone with one of his best soundtracks ever. Great cinematography. A well executed story of moral corruption of the elite. The chemistry between Milian and Van Cleef is a joy to watch. Ends with one of the best showdowns in the genre. A must-see for spaghetti-western afficionados, or even movie afficionados all together.


What an amazing release from Grindhouse Releasing! The ┬ámovie in two different versions (Italian 110 mins & American 95 mins) on two Blu-Rays, a Dvd version and an extra soundtrack Cd. Did I mention the truckload of extras? It’s so much I had to pause midway in a Sollima interview to write this review. I love this one, all movie-releases should have been as dedicated as this.