Review: Tango of Perversion (1973)

Welcome to Greek decadence! An underground world of impotent porn-fanatics, tango-dancing drug addicts and smooth-looking women beaters.


Director: Dacosta Carayan
Stars: Larry Daniels, Erika Raffael, Dorothy Moore
Distributor: Mondo Macabro
Runtime: 94 mins

“How long have you been making it with chicks? I wish you told me about it before. You know…I’m always ready to take on two… I dig it! So get ready to have a good time ladies. Let me join the party!”


The Tango Club is hosting loads of singers, dancers, swingers and dopeheads. Stathis is a playboy who brings his female acquaintances to his rich, impotent friend’s house for a little shagging. All the while, his friend gets behind the mirror to film the act while smoking and sweathing. When the slap-happy Stathis suddenly kills one of his girls and leave the house, his friends impotence “disappears” with the dead girl. Can Stathis get away with murder, and is his pals sexual problem solved? Check out this crazy exploitation for the answer…


This being a perfect exploitation, I enjoyed the hell of it. It was far from perfect, sometimes just awkwardy ridiculous, but it was filled up with sex, drugs and necrophilia (can you ask for more?). I really liked the leading man, a bullying bastard. He looked cool and played well. I will catch up with him in volume two of Mondo Macabro’s Greek collection, “The Wife Killer”. This movie was a good introduction to Greek psychadelic exploitation. Well done (again) Mondo Macabro! …and an extra B-point for the supercool soundtrack.